Our Kindergarten is more than eager to take the opportunity of “project learning” and apply it in our educational process in various perspectives. We love to learn from real life and through experience, as it is the best way to acquire new knowledge or skills. Thus besides a wide range of class projects, trips and events; we also run several long term projects in cooperation with our parents.  Here are a few examples…

Parents teaching

Yes, “parents teaching”, it is a great way for parents to become a part of the Kindergarten community and share their knowledge and experiences. It is a long term project not limited by  time, place or activity and it is always a remarkable experience that our children will  not forget.

Care and Share

“Care and share” is the long term project which is run by our Kindergarten for several years already. So far, we have organized or contributed to various charity donations, supporting a wide range of people or other children over the world in need. Moreover, it is also a great way to show our children different perspectives, for example not all people around us are as happy as us and might need our help. We believe that sharing can be a little thing that anybody can do to make the world a better place in accordance with the “butterfly effect” theory when even a small change can result in a great difference at the end.

Parents reading

This project takes place usually in March in cooperation with parents; we try to support child´s literacy and overall attitude towards books and reading. Parents have the opportunity to come and read to us, their or their children's stories.

Family projects

“Family projects” work usually on a monthly basis or occasionally and they are fully voluntary. They usually focus on a specific topic or field which is always specified by the class teacher, including forms and dead-lines. The aim of the “family projects” is on one hand to support cooperation and child-parent bond within the family, as child and parents brain-storm and create together. On the other hand, it is expected to develop child´s presentation skills when presenting the project in front of classmates.

Gulliver´s travels

In order to stay in touch even over the summer time when the most of us travel for holidays, we run the “Gulliver´s travels” project and our children together with parents can send us a postcard from all the places they are visiting, whether it is camping in the woods or on the other side of world!