Clubs and courses

Clubs and courses are integrated into our weekly and yearly educational program and form the stable part of the schedule.


Every class has an individual weekly schedule of clubs which all the children attend. Basic clubs usually cover a wide range of interests and support the potential of children from wider perspective in accordance to their age. Clubs are covered usually by core teachers and main focus is to extend the area of knowledge or skills of children additionally to curriculum.

 For more details, please, check our website  "clubs and courses - Gajova/Úprkova" 



Our Kindergarten has special sport instructors who cover all the sport courses led over the year focusing on basic seasonal sports including swimming, skiing, skating and tennis. Instructors are part of our team and organize all the courses, so we have full control over the content and the methodology as well as the quality and the extent of the individual progress. One of the biggest advantages is also the fact that they know all the children well as they work with them all over the year. Most of the courses are devoted to children in Reception and Y1 classes. Nursery classes take swimming course only. All the courses are free of charge and expenses concerned are included in school fees.

  • Swimming course

Swimming is an integral part of the educational program for all the children from the age of 2.  In the beginning they take swimming lessons on a weekly basis in our swimming pool at Gajova only. Later on, starting in Reception class they complete an additional intensive swimming course in a bigger training pool. Parents are informed about the child´s progress always at the end of the semester.

For more details, please, check our website  "clubs and courses - Gajova/Úprkova" 

  • Skiing course

Skiing course is designed for the children in Reception classes and takes place on the slopes near the Bratislava region. For the last several years we have completed the skiing course in the skiing center Zochova chata which provides optimal conditions for teaching children with different levels of acquired skiing skills. The course lasts a week and children travel to the skiing center every day. At the end of the course children get a diploma with a brief report about the main activities and their progress.

  • Skating course

Skating course is devoted to children in Reception and Y1 classes and, similar to skiing course; it is intensive and lasts a week. Parents are informed about activities and progress with a certificate.

  • Tennis

Tennis course happens during the summer time once a week for 2 months and children usually complete around 10-12 lessons. The course is dedicated to children in Reception and Y1 classes only.


Extra clubs and courses

Kindergarten may also offer some extra clubs or courses in case there is demand. These activities are devoted to Reception and Y1 children only, and may entail extra fees. The number of children per group is limited and they are scheduled for after 16:15.

For more details, please, check our website  "clubs and courses - Gajova/Úprkova"