Our vision

Our concept of education comes from the presumption that a child is able to learn best when he or she feels safe, happy and free and most of the skills and knowledge are gained from life and direct experience. The child’s perception of the world is formed like a mosaic from everyday experience and our job is to provide stimuli and teach them how to find connections and relations between particular fragments of a big jigsaw puzzle.

F - U - N – I

We believe that a Kindergarten should be a place full of FUN, where every child is appreciated, respected and considered UNIQUE; the place where all children can feel safe; the rules create a NEAT environment and the main aim is to IMPROVE and progress with the potential of the individual..

And therefore our principles can be summarized into four basic FUNI articles.

F – Be a Friend

…  We all are friends who help each other and take care of each other – we live as a community where everybody has his own place and importance

U – Be Unique

… Each of us is unique and good at something – we all can learn from each other and can teach each other

N – Be Neat

… We all keep the same rules, which teach us to be neat, polite, independent and responsible for ourselves as well as for each other

I – Improve

… We know that it is more important to for us work on ourselves, learn new things and improve than to compare ourselves with each other